Financial Wellbeing

Manage your financial position

Being able to manage your finances and meet current and ongoing financial demands will help you to feel secure in your future and be able to make choices that allow you to enjoy life.

Our Advisers can provide information and advice about your welfare rights and debt, and can provide money management and budgeting support. We can also provide general information and links to employment and training support.

Contact the Rutland Community Wellbeing Service on 01572 725805 or complete the online referral form to access help and support.


Use these links to find information on how to deal with debt, debt solutions (including bancrupty and IVAs), mortgage problems, rent arrears, and many other debt issues.

Get local advice and information with your debts and help to budget.

Citizens Advice can check your benefit entitlement and help you to claim for any eligible benefits. Benefits are available if you are on a low income, sick or disabled, an older person and under other circumstances.

Debt advice is also available from Stepchange. You should not be charged for debt advice.