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At Citizens Advice we collect and use your personal information to help solve your problems, improve our services and tackle wider issues in society that affect people’s lives. We only ask for the information we need. We always let you decide what you’re comfortable telling us, explain why we need it and treat it as confidential.

When we record and use your personal information we:

At times we might use or share your information without your permission. If we do, we’ll always make sure there’s a legal basis for it. This could include situations where we have to use or share your information:

We handle and store your personal information in line with the law - including the General Data Protection Regulation. You can check our main Citizens Advice Privacy Policy for how we handle most of your personal information. This page covers how we, as your local charity, handle your information locally in our offices.

How we collect your data

We collect your information in the following ways:

What we ask for

We ask you to give us your name, date of birth, address, and/or phone number. We ask for information relating to your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexuality or sex life, income whether from work or benefits, health, health conditions, disabilities, offences or convictions but you do not have to disclose this information if you do not wish to do so. We need to know a brief overview of what your needs are so that we can decide which service is best to help you. To find out more regarding what information we ask for, see the national Citizens Advice privacy policy

 How we use your information

Your information will be used to help decide which service will be able to help you. This could be a referral to one of our partner organisations or to a Citizens Advice Adviser or it could be that we will refer you to more than one organisation to make sure you get the best help that you need.

We will use your information for collecting statistics, for example for looking at how many people have a similar problem to you. This information may be used in public reports or reports to the Council but we assure you that no names will be used or anything that can identify you.

We will only use your name if you have given us permission to do so – please see ‘How we collect your data’ above.

When you have given us permission to contact you for feedback on the service you have received from us we will contact you by phone, text, email or letter. We will have asked you which contact method you prefer and will only use this.  In some cases we might ask a trusted research partner to contact you on our behalf.

To find out how we use your information if you become a Citizens Advice Client, see our national Citizens Advice privacy policy 

 Working on your behalf

When you give us authority to act on your behalf with a third party we’ll need to share information with that third party. We commonly share information with:

 How we store your information

If you become a Citizens Advice client your information is stored on a secure national data base - please see our national Citizens Advice privacy policy for details 

Once a referral is made to the Rutland Community Wellbeing Service your information is stored on a password protected computer file. This is kept on our server at the Oakham premises and is only used by Citizens Advice Staff.

Your paper file is stored in locked cabinets at our Oakham premises and only used by Citizens Advice Staff.

How we share your information

We only share information with your permission (consent) – see above ‘How we collect your data’. We may share your information with our partner organisations: The Bridge, Spire Homes, Age UK and Vista as well as other organisations that may be able to help you, these organisations may include the following:

Turning Point for substance misuse services

Lets Talk Wellbeing for mental health counselling

Mental Health Matters for mental health services

UAVA - United Against Violence and Abuse for domestic abuse support

Rutland County Council for housing, homelessness, crisis support as well as social care and occupational therapy services

Local Charitable Trusts

Contact us about your information

If you have any questions about how your information is collected or used, you can contact our office:

In Person: 56 High Street, Oakham, Rutland, LE15 6AL

Opening Hours: Monday 10am – 5pm

Tuesday/Thursday 10am – 1pm

Friday 10am – 4pm

By Phone: 01572 725805 – Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm

Email via the webform: click here

You can contact us to:

 Who’s responsible for looking after your personal information?

When we receive a referral for the Rutland Community Wellbeing Service Citizens Advice Rutland will keep your personal information safe on a password protected computer file and paper files which are locked away securely. Citizens Advice Rutland is the data controller for your personal referral information and is responsible for keeping this information safe.

If you become a Citizens Advice client the national Citizens Advice charity and your local Citizens Advice operate a system called Casebook to keep your personal information safe. This means they’re a ‘joint data controller’ for your personal information that’s stored in our Casebook system.

Each local Citizens Advice is an independent charity, and a member of the national Citizens Advice charity. The Citizens Advice membership agreement also requires that the use of your information complies with data protection law.

You can find out more about your data rights on the Information Commissioner’s website.